At Bushwick, innovation is at the root of everything we do

Bushwick is proud to be on the leading edge of fresh produce technology. We’re continually improving our processes, equipment, and tools by implementing and sometimes, creating the latest advances. These innovations are tools rooted in quality and efficiency. They help us perform the same daily tasks so we can deliver product that includes higher quality, fewer errors, in shorter timelines, ahead of scheduled deliveries, and to satisfied customers.

Among the innovative ways in which Bushwick operates is our state-of-the-art sizing technique. This process is designed to enable simple and accurate identification of commodity size, ensuring every customer receives the expected size potatoes in every order. Since implementation, our sizing process has nearly eliminated sorting and sizing errors, resulting in reliable, consistent product for your consumers, while also including electronic internal grading to further improve consistent pack quality.


We have also applied the most advanced quality assurance and inspection procedures, enabling us to deliver against our brand promise “Guarantee”. That’s right, when our brand says “Guarantee” it’s important that we get it right.


Our QA and inspection procedures are thorough with safeguards in place that continually impress our customers by ensuring and delivering unmatched quality in every shipment they receive.


Additionally, we now utilize specialized satellite tracking of all of our truck deliveries to facilitate real-time logistics updates. This allows us to know precisely where your shipment is located at any moment and helps our customers when planning shipments, deliveries, and fulfillment.


Bushwick prides itself on staying ahead, working smarter and delivering a superior product. We are not afraid of change and know that innovation is the key to being able to deliver all of that to you.