Farm-Fresh Produce

Bushwick is also the supplier of choice for many regionally-grown fresh vegetables.
Farm-Fresh Produce

In addition to providing America’s finest potatoes, Bushwick is also the supplier of choice for many regionally-grown produce items.  We source fresh vegetables from the southern coast of Florida all the way up through the northeast regions of the United States and Canada.

Bushwick Commission Company has been successfully delivering the freshest produce from a variety of areas across the country since we began operating over 75 years ago.  Our primary concentration has always focused on providing the very best potatoes for our customers.  Whether from the potato capital of the country in Idaho or the local potatoes grown here on Long Island in New York, you can count on us to fill your wishes.  You might not realize that we also have been providing the same excellent service and quality for a wide range of additional fruits and vegetables since Bushwick started.  We currently ship onions, sweet potatoes, cabbage, corn, watermelons, and carrots just to name a few.  So if you are looking for candy tasting sweet potatoes or interested in crisp fresh cabbage, Bushwick has you covered.

Fresh Produce Shipper - OnionsOnions

Bushwick ships all varieties of onions from growers across the country.  From New York State, we have yellow, red and white onions available from storage beginning in the Fall through the early Spring.  In the northwestern states of Idaho, Oregon, and Washington; yellow, red and white onions are also shipping from storage beginning in the late Summer time through the middle of Spring.   During the seasonal periods of late Winter time throughout the Summer, Bushwick is sourcing onions from all the various fresh harvesting areas such as Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and California.

Pack sizes include:

  • Bulk: 25lb, 40lb and 50lb
  • Consumers: 5-10lb, 12-2lb, 10-5lb  and 16-3lb


Sweet Potato Shipper - Fresh Produce ShipperSweet Potatoes

From North Carolina, Bushwick has been working with growers to provide some of the most excellent sweet potatoes on the east coast.  It is a year-round source of sweet potatoes that can be packed to accommodate both standard sizes as well as specialty containers.  We have the ability to meet all your various sizing needs and specifications.

Pack sizes include:

  • 40lb Jumbo cartons
  • 40lb #1 Cartons
  • 40lb #2 Cartons
  • 10lb Cartons
  • Individual Microwave Wrapped

Fresh Carrot and Produce Shipper Carrots

We source our carrots from Canada during the fresh harvesting Summer time period and continue throughout the early Spring. Bushwick continues to provide year round supplies from the Spring time with Mexican grown carrots shipping from Texas. We also have Texas grown product when available as well.

Pack sizes include:

  • 25lb and 50lb Jumbo
  • 10-5lb
  • 5-10lb
  • 48-1lb
  • 24-2lb

Fresh Cabbage and Produce Shipper Cabbage

From Florida and Georgia and all along the east coast, Bushwick continues to be a supplier of fresh crisp cabbage. We have growers packing cabbage in Florida and Georgia for the majority of the year beginning in the Fall through the end of the Spring. As the growing areas shift north we continue to ship seasonally from the Carolinas, Delaware, and up through to New York State.

Pack sizes include:

  • 50lb Green Cartons
  • 50lb Green Sacks
  • 50lb Red Cartons
  • 50lb Savoy Cartons