Yellow Potatoes (Yukon Gold)

Perfect for baking, mashing, whipping and roasting.

Eastern Yukon Gold and Yellow PotatoesBushwick ships creamy Yellow flesh potatoes from all areas on the eastern coast as well as the western coast.

We have seasonal fresh potatoes from Florida, Carolinas, Virginia, and Delaware throughout the Spring and Summer. Bushwick ships many yellow potato varieties from storage areas in Maine, New York, Canada, North Dakota and Wisconsin during the Fall throughout the early part of the Springtime.

Pack sizes include:

  • 50lb Size A Bags or Cartons
  • 50lb Size B Bags or Cartons
  • 50lb Creamers
  • 50lb Chefs
  • 10-5lb Consumers
  • 5-10lb Consumers
  • Bulk Totes