White Potatoes

Great for baking, frying, boiling and roasting and especially good in potato salad.

Long Island White PotatosBushwick ships some of the very best northeastern white potatoes from all areas including Long Island, upstate New York, Maine and New Jersey to name just a few.

We have farms which ship out of their storage facilities during the Fall throughout the Spring in Maine, Canada, Long Island and upstate New York. Beginning with potato growers in Florida during the Spring, fresh white potatoes are harvesting and they continue to progress throughout the states going north along the east coast until we reach our Long Island season in the late Summertime. It is a traditional east coast potato cycle that continues from generation to generation.

Pack sizes include:

  • 50lb Size A Bags or Cartons
  • 50lb Size B Bags or Cartons
  • 50lb Chefs
  • 10-5lb Consumers
  • 5-10lb Consumers
  • 5lb in Bins
  • 10lb in Bins
  • Bulk Totes