Russet Potatoes

The russet potato is the most popular baking potato but also makes fantastic fries and mashed potatoes.

Fresh Russet Potato Shipper Bushwick sources Russet potatoes on a year-round basis.

Idaho remains the largest potato producing state and Bushwick enjoys fantastic relationships with growers that supply us with great quality Russet potatoes for 12 months of the year. In addition to Idaho, we also have growers that ship from Wisconsin, Colorado, Nebraska and Washington during the majority of the year on the western and Midwestern coasts. These areas harvest their excellent potatoes during the late Summer and ship all the way through the end of the Spring. On the east coast, Bushwick ships top quality Russet potatoes from Maine and Canada in the Fall throughout the Spring. We also have seasonal farms that harvest their Russet potatoes during the Summer months in Virginia and Delaware. Bushwick is your best choice for the different varieties of Russet potato from the classic Idaho Burbank to the east coast Maine Norkotah.

Pack sizes include:

  • 50lb Bulk Bags or Cartons
  • 50lb Sized Cartons
  • 10-5lb Consumers
  • 5-10lb Consumers
  • 16-3lb Consumers
  • 6-8lb Consumers
  • 5lb in Bins
  • 10lb in Bins
  • Individual Microwaved Wrapped
  • Bulk Totes