Red Potatoes

Red potatoes are great in soups and potato salads.

Eastern Red Potatoes New YorkBushwick sources our wonderful Red potatoes from all areas on the east coast as well as the western coast too.

We have seasonal east coast fresh potatoes harvesting in Florida, Carolinas, Virginia, and Delaware throughout the Spring and Summer. Bushwick ships some of the nicest looking red potatoes from storage areas in North Dakota, Minnesota, Canada, and Wisconsin during the Fall and right into the middle of the Spring. You would be hard pressed to find a brighter red potato than when you reach for one that came from Bushwick.

Pack sizes include:

  • 50lb Size A Bags or Cartons
  • 50lb Size B Bags or Cartons
  • 50lb Creamers
  • 50lb Chefs
  • 10-5lb Consumers
  • 5-10lb Consumers
  • 16-3lb Consumers
  • Bulk Totes