Bushwick Potatoes

Bushwick has also been shipping potatoes from all over the country nearly as long as we have our roots here in New York.
Bushwick Potatoes

For more than 75 years, Bushwick Commission Company has been successfully delivering the freshest potatoes from farms spanning the entire United States.

As we are a New York based company, Bushwick has been shipping potatoes from local farmers since we began operating in the 1930’s.  We continue to operate as a premier Long Island potato supplier working with farms that are located not so far from our main office in Farmingdale.  Upstate New York potatoes have also been a mainstay for Bushwick, offering us another local source for our customers.  Bushwick has also been shipping potatoes from all over the country nearly as long as we have our roots here in New York.  Certainly the potato capital of the country is Idaho and we ship Idaho potatoes straight from those farms.   However, the familiar Russet baking potato is not simply grown in just Idaho but many other areas of the country as well.   We don’t stop in Idaho because Bushwick also supplies our potatoes from Colorado, Wisconsin, Maine and many other Russet growing areas.  All purpose white potatoes, reds, and yellows are grown and shipped from Florida, the Carolinas,  and up through the northeast into New England and Canada.  Bushwick is diversified in all the different varieties located in each growing region of the country to supply all your potato desires.

Yukon Gold, Russet, White and Red Potatos

Varieties of Potatoes

The four primary varieties of potato are the russet, white, red and yellow.  Bushwick ships every one of these different potatoes all year long from our various farms and packing shed operations.  You will find some further information down below for each specific variety that we ship and where they come from.  Some of these potatoes are grown and packed at the same farm or the same region of the country while many are spread out over different areas.  Believe it or not, potatoes are a seasonal crop even though they are available year-round in fresh supply.  When the crop harvest has completed in a particular part of the country many farmers place their potatoes in long term storage facilities.  Since they store so well for such a great length of time, we are fortunate to have these potatoes accessible from different areas during the cold winter months.   Our storage sheds keep the potatoes in temperature and humidity controlled environments that allow for optimal conditions that permit them to be kept in top quality from 6 months even up to a full year.  In addition to conventional potatoes, we also have organic and specialty potatoes available from some of our suppliers.

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