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As a family-run business for more than seven decades, Bushwick's dedication to quality has spanned the generations.

Bushwick Potato Commission New YorkFor four generations, our commitment to quality has never varied

As a family-run business for more than six decades, Bushwick’s dedication to quality has spanned the generations. In much the same way our customers relied on us in 1934, they look to Bushwick today as the source they can depend on to provide the very best. Indeed, our Guarantee-brand potatoes have set the industry standard for freshness and delicious taste.

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In the produce business, it’s important to grow relationships

The Bushwick reputation for superior service is unparalleled. When our customers call, we respond. One reason is our vast experience. Through the years, we’ve developed lasting relationships with the industry’s most reputable potato growers and the nation’s most reliable long-haul carriers. As a result of these relationships, we’re able to accommodate our customers’ needs better than anyone else – delivering on time at a moment’s notice from anywhere in the country. And providing specially tailored deliveries for specific requirements, such as private-label brands in customized packaging.

Taking a fresh approach to our customers is a key to our success

Bushwick potatoes are packed and shipped on an as-needed basis. And we store our potatoes under optimum conditions in an atmosphere-controlled environment – allowing us to maintain supplies year round. This means our customers can be sure that when Guarantee-brand potatoes arrive on their shelves, they’re always fresh.

Bushwick Commission - Potato ShippersAt Bushwick, innovation is at the root of everything we do

Bushwick is proud to be on the leading edge of fresh produce technology. We’re continually refining the process, implementing the latest innovations. These innovations include state-of-the-art sizing techniques to assure that our customers receive the exact size potatoes they need. We also perform today’s most advanced quality assurance and inspection procedures to ensure unmatched quality in every shipment we make. What’s more, we’re also utilizing specialized satellite tracking of truck deliveries to constantly keep tabs on precisely when our customers’ shipments will arrive.